Woof...Luxury Unleashed

Health and Wellness Policy

Updated 1-31-2021


We require that all our pups stay up to date with the Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines.  If your dog does not stay current with all vaccines , he or she will not be permitted to participate in sleepovers until the records are brought up to date.

Occasionally, if we find that your dog's fecal matter or bowel movements seem abnormal or concerning, we may require that a complete fecal exam be done by your vet prior to him or her being allowed back into our facility.  This is to ensure your dog's continued health and wellbeing, and that he or she hasn't been exposed to anything that may  cause illness.  If, at any time you find that your dog's fecal exam does not come back clean, it is our policy that you inform us, even if we have not requested that you have the exam done.  This requirement helps us maintain the safety and well-being of all the dogs in our care.

When we can, we're happy to provide email and in-person reminders when your dog's vaccines are about to expire.  However, we ultimately rely on your to both keep your dog up to date with our requirements, and provide us with update documentation once you've seen your vet.  Most vets are happy to send your dog's updated records directly to us- just ask them at the end of your visit!  If you have switched vets since your dog's initial enrollment with Woof, please keep us up to date with that information as well.

If you have questions about what may be due for an update, please give us a call.  


We are happy to administer most common medications to you pets when the are in our care.  We follow a protocol each time you visit with your pet and we try to ensure that we're administering medication correctly and replicate your pet's at-home routine as closely as possible.  It is important for your to provide us with:

The name and dosage of the medication

The reason it's being administered

How often it's administered

How your pet prefers to take the medication

We appreciate you providing us the this information each time you visit.  It helps us ensure we're providing the best care for your pet!


We do our best to keep your pet healthy while they're in our care.  Unfortunately , much like children in a school environment, any time your pet is around other pets, there is always a reis of exposure to illness.  We rely on your partnership to minimize their exposure at Woof.  If you see signs of any of the following symptoms, please keep your pet isolated from other pets and give us a call.



Discharge from eyes or nose

Red Eyes




Elevated temperature

New or unusual growths anywhere, but especially in or around the mouth

Any other symptoms that are abnormal for your pet 


While many of these things could be the result of something completely innocuous, they could also be symptoms of a contagious illness.  If you observe any of these symptoms in your pet. please do not bring them to the facility without first calling to consult us.  We'll be happy to talk through what you're seeing and determine whether or not we will be able to have your pet stay with us.

If we observe any of these symptoms while your pet is in our care, our first step will be to isolate your dog from the group.  We will then call your and, depending on the situation, ask you to pick your dog up, contact your emergency contact to do so on your behalf, or seek the advice of your veterinarian.  If we observe any of these symptoms in our lobby at drop off, we will send your pet home with you.

In addition to our stringent cleaning protocols and vaccination policies, we rely on strong and communicative partnerships with our pet parents to keep all the pets in our care healthy and safe. If you're in doubt about whether your pet should join in, call and we'll be happy to help!


Our pets are adventurous which sometimes leads to them injuring themselves.  If your pet has an injury or has had a recent medical procedure and you're unsure if they should be in a playgroup, please first consult your veterinarian.  They should be able to provide guidance about whether your dog's activity should be restricted and if a group environment is appropriate.  If, after speaking to your vet, you're still unsure, give us a call.  Depending on the severity of the injury and the amount of restrictions your vet has put in place, we may be able to accommodate your pet so they're still well cared for when your can't be with them.

If your pet is injured while in our care, our first step will be to isolate your pet and evaluate the nature of the injury.  From there, we will try to contact you to discuss next steps.  If we determine that the injury is an emergency, we will seek immediate care from either your local vet or an emergency vet, depending on the situation and get in touch with your as soon as we can.

We know that your pets are your family, and our goal is to provide them with care that is as good as they receive when they're with you !  We appreciate your cooperation and partnership in helping us achieve this goal.